Affordable Handheld ultrasound for all

Introducing VistaScan - software that transforms a health worker's cell phone into a quality ultrasound machine.
Are you ready to transform your practice and improve patient care?

Innovative features for portable ultrasound

Long Battery Life

With VistaScan, you can scan patients on your tablet or cell phone for hours. Other handheld ultrasound machines require plugging in the probe after scanning each patient.

Connect 5 Types of Probes

Better patient care starts with more flexibility. With VistaScan, you can connect five different types of probes. Contact us for more information.


Want to integrate ultrasound into your practice but you’re on a budget? VistaScan is 10-12x more affordable than the average cart-based ultrasound machine.

About VistaScan

VistaScan is software that transforms a doctor’s mobile device into a life-saving mobile ultrasound machine. Our goal is to improve outcomes for the 300,000 women and 2 million babies lost each year to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth ( Our vision is a world in which any patient can have access to ultrasound, but the reality is that only 50% of the world has access to ultrasound technology today. Not having access to ultrasound can be fatal for pregnant mothers with undiagnosed conditions. VistaScan enables doctors, midwives, nurses and ultrasound technicians to provide diagnostics and preventative care to maternal health patients everywhere. This convenient mobile ultrasound machine works on a doctor’s cell phone, and is ergonomically comfortable for anyone to use

Now Taking Beta Orders

Want cutting edge technology to improve patient care in your practice? Sign up today to be one of the first users of VistaScan.  

VistaScan will revolutionize your practice – Not only is VistaScan for maternal health, you can also do quick ultrasound scans of bladder, liver, Kidneys, abdominal aorta, ovaries, Gall Bladder – all Before sending a Patient out for Analysis.

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